The 2019 Ram 2500 Exterior Review

The 2019 Ram 2500 is a popular heavy-duty pickup truck that delivers a lot on the exterior. You are going to love the look of it and the features that make it so attractive. There is plenty to be said about a truck that offers a lot to work with.

There are two features worth noting that give the Ram 2500 what it needs to compete with the other big boys. It has LED lighting and the Dampened and Power Release Tailgate. There are three different LED designs for the lighting and each one gives the truck a distinguished look. With the power release tailgate, it’s easier to open because of the damper and the key fob control.

Come on in today at our dealership for a test drive. We believe in giving excellent customer service. You will not leave without the powerful Ram 2500 going with you.

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