Which Powerful Engine Will You Get for the Ram 3500 Truck?

When you purchase or lease the Ram 3500 from Dave Syverson in Albert Lea, MN, you will have a fun time customizing the powertrain and other mechanical systems. First, you must choose between the 6.4 L HEMI engine and the 6.7 L Cummins engine. If you want a propulsion system that accepts traditional gasoline, then select the HEMI option. The Cummins powertrain is a great choice for those who prefer diesel fuel. This signature engine is actually available in two editions depending on the tasks at hand. For example, you should get the standard version to handle heavy-duty jobs on or off the road.

If you need the best possible capabilities in the industry, get the high-output edition that has a stunning torque rating of 1,000 lb-ft. Dual alternators are also available for the Ram 3500 pickup truck. The total electrical ratings for these important energy-producing components are 380 or 440 amps.

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