Jeep Renegade Takes You On the Trail

The Jeep Renegade truly earns its sport utility moniker. In fact, it earns its place at Dave Syverson alongside the iconic Wrangler by offering remarkable four-wheel drive capability.

Designed for this smaller SUV, Jeep's four-wheel drive manages to add flexibility without adding too much weight. Good ground clearance and high bumpers make it easier to go off road. Even if you don't take the Jeep Renegade on a trail, you'll feel confident when parking off road for a concert, ballgame or hike. Snow, sand, grass, and mud won't stop you.

This small SUV offers a class-exclusive My Sky roof that lets you turn it into an open-air ride. That adds to the fun if you do take to the trail, and it certainly spices up your daily commute in Albert Lea, MN. Even with four-wheel drive, the Jeep Renegade has good gas mileage for its class.

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