The Ram 3500 is Super Tough

The 6.7 Cummins diesel engine under the hood of a Ram 3500 provides the vehicle with significant power. Power isn't the only amazing attribute to this model. Exceptional durability leads it to stand apart from competitors. And the engine's recommended oil change intervals list at 15,000 miles. That's impressive. So is what the Ram 3500 is made of.

A mix of iron and carbon allows steel to become one of the toughest alloys for car manufacturing. Any vehicle with a steel frame can be deemed officially super-tough. The Ram 3500 boosts such a frame further cementing all claims to incredible durability. A 50,000-PSI definitely supports boasts about being durable.

And then there's the powertrain. The truck's generous powertrain warranty reveals the manufacturer expects Ram 3500 models to last. If you really want to see how tough these models are, look into what the 3500 goes through during "torture testing."

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