Safer Night Driving in Albert Lea – DIY Headlight Restoration

Headlights being obstructed by nasty insect guts and other residue makes driving in adverse or dark conditions very dangerous. This is why restoration of headlights is very important. Don’t spend a fortune having an auto detailer do it for you – do it yourself with these easy tips.

No Abrasives

Avoid abrasive materials or products, these will destroy your cover and eat your paint. It’s tempting to use the elbow grease of these for nasty residue, but it’s not worth it.


Toothpaste works well, but for really nasty buildup, you’ll need lots of it and more effort. The tradeoff is it’s safe to the cover and to paint, as well as relatively inexpensive.

Insect Repellant

Insect repellant is stronger than toothpaste, so it needs less effort and less of the stuff to get the work done. Unfortunately, it can eat your paint and other finishes, so it needs a lot of caution to be used safely.


At Dave Syverson we’re happy to show you kits that’re designed for this. They’re costlier, but guaranteed to work and be safe for your vehicle. Come to our service center to learn of these or the best ways to use the home remedies above. We just want you to be safe!

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