It Is Important to Keep Your Engine and Cabin Air Filters Clean

Your vehicle has systems on it that need to be able to "breath" in order to function properly. Your engine in one of these systems. In order to create internal combustion, it needs to draw fresh air in. But one thing you don't want is dirt and other particulates getting into your engine and disrupting the operation of it. That is why the air needs to be drawn in through a clean filter. This traps dirt and other objects and prevents it from getting into your engine and causing problems.

The cabin of your vehicle will also sometimes have a filter in it to provide the same function for your heating and air system. As it circulates and conditions the air in your vehicle it needs to draw in air to move through the fan and ducts. You don't want to get junk in that system either so a clean filter in this system is also important.

If you need to have your air filters changed on your vehicle then bring it into our service department here at Dave Syverson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Albert Lea.

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